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"Track EVERY Move Your Partner, Employee or Child is Making Using Our POWERFUL Cell-Phone Monitoring Technology!"

"SpyBubble Is Powerful Yet Covert Cell-Phone Monitoring Software That Tracks And

Records ALL Information In Real-Time...

...Which Can Then Be Viewed At From ANY Computer In The World!"

Introducing SpyBubble...

Do You Really Know What They're Up To...?
  • Can you really trust your partner... employee... child?
  • How do you know they aren't doing something they shouldn't be doing?
  • You probably already know... that what a person... does and ...says can be COMPLETELY OPPOSITE.
  • In fact I have a story that illustrates this point perfectly...
A Quick Story...
A couple years ago, I had hired someone who I thought was the perfect employee. We'll call him Scott.
Scott appeared... on the surface... to be absolutely perfect. He seemed to finish all his work on time. He seemed to work hard. He seemed honest. He was very friendly, and seemed like a genuinely nice person. But I'm sure you know...
Looks can be deceiving...
And for some reason... even though he LOOKED like he was perfect... I sensed something different.
You know that feeling you get when something just isn't right. That's the feeling I got with Scott... and for whatever reason... it wouldn't go away.
I made sure to keep a close eye on him...
And that's when I started to notice things... Small things at first...
  • I noticed that often when it appeared he was working... he was really just surfing the internet.
  • I noticed that he would take longer lunch breaks than everyone else when he was supposed to be working.
  • I noticed that he would often leave up to half an hour before work was even finished.
  • I noticed that his work was sloppy.
But that wasn't the worst of it...
One afternoon, I noticed through his office window... that he was on the phone. I could tell for certain that it wasn't a business call.
For whatever reason I decided to hop on the line, patch through to his number and listen in on the call... (not entirely ethical I realize!)
What I heard... shocked even me...
"These dumb bastards don't even know I'm siphoning money... I've managed to slip $1400 already!"
I would eventually find out that he was... stealing money from the business! Let’s just say... he didn’t come into work that morning. (I reported him too!)
I learned something very important that day... And it's stuck with me for life...
You Simply CANNOT Trust Some People.
  • If you have a feeling that your partner or spouse is cheating on you... chances are... you are probably right.
  • If you think your employee might be lying to you or doing something they shouldn't be... chances are you are probably right.
  • If you get the feeling your child is doing things behind your back... chances are... you are probably RIGHT!
Again, you simply CANNOT trust some people.
That's why we invented SpyBubble.
SpyBubble takes away ANY sort of confusion or doubt by giving you ACTUAL, GENUINE PROOF of what someone is doing/saying.
SpyBubble uses its powerful cell phone monitoring technology to give you THE FACTS.
  • Now you will know if your partner is cheating on you.
  • Now you will know what your child is actually doing.
  • Now you will know what your employees are up to.
Do you know that the average mobile user spends more time on their mobile phone today than in any other time in history?
Here's the Reason WHY
Mobile phone technology keeps changing every year and new features keep getting added constantly. Today, you can browse the internet from your mobile phone and access social media websites like Facebook and Twitter and keep in touch with your social circle on-the- go.
That's good huh? Right! but only if it's use the RIGHT WAY...
  • Does your spouse constantly give you excuses of staying back late to complete office work?
  • Are you concerned about what your child does after they lock their door at night?
  • Does your spouse spend more time on their phone browsing the internet instead of having a conversation with you?
  • Are you concerned about the rising costs of your spouse/children’s mobile phone bill?
  • Listen...
    All of your questions are legitimate and you need answers. Make no mistake about that...you need answers to those questions and you need them now! If you are concerned about something, it's BEST that you find out the truth as fast as you can. If you find out something that is concerning, you can immediately take action to correct whatever is going wrong. On the other hand if you find out that all is well, you have no reason to be concerned anymore – right?
    You could be thinking, RIGHT this information would be extremely valuable to me but I have no idea how to go about getting it!
    Well there's two ways to get this kind "information"
    The Hard Way
    The Hard Way is when you decide to go out and hire a private eye. This is tough because you first need to decide who to hire, then you have to share your personal concerns with a stranger and then wait for them to take action.
    There are also two huge drawbacks with this way. The first is that it's guaranteed to burn a hole in your pocket and the second is that you will have to rely on information that the private eye passes on to you.
    It's not something I recommend...
    The Easy Way
    The Easy Way is to get SpyBubble and allow it to be your private eye. I could give you a list of reasons as to why SpyBubble is better than any private eye but let me give you just two solid reasons.
    The first is that SpyBubble is a software and is not prone to making mistakes that a private eye could end up making. The second one is that SpyBubble never goes to sleep but constantly monitors the target's mobile phone and keeps tab on everything that happens.
    Oh and by the way...
    I guarantee you that SpyBubble will not burn a hole in your pocket and it will give you immediate results.
    Here's something else...
    The number of people spending time streaming video on their mobile phones is staggering.
    How do you know if your employees are not wasting their time watching videos on their mobile phones during office hours?
    How can you find out if your kids are watching pornography on their mobile phones?
    How can you be certain that the calls being made on office cell phones by your employees are really official and not personal?
    How do you find out who your spouse is texting in the middle of the night?
    Interesting questions huh? There's something else that's even more important...
    How can you come up with legitimate proof to confront the individual and take the appropriate action?
    It's pretty simple actually...
    You don't have to be a millionaire to buy it. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to install it and you don't have to be a private eye to use it.
    We've customized the SpyBubble software in such a manner that you can install it in a couple of minutes, following the simple process that is laid out in the installation guide. Your target will have absolutely no idea that anyone has tampered with their phone.
    Wait a second...
    Before I go any further, let me address two questions that most customers tend to have...
        1. People will think that I am sneaky and suspicious and that’s one of the main reasons why I am thinking twice about getting SpyBubble to help me.
    Let's answer that one
    Sneaky and Suspicious?
    You go to be kidding! You are not sneaky and suspicious. You are cautious and concerned and that's the ONLY reason why you are reading this. Make no mistake about that! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, not even your own mind. Make a decision that will protect you by taking action right now!
    2. What if I get caught?
    That's a legitimate question. There's only two ways you can get caught. The first is when you are about to install the application and the second is if someone finds the application on their phone.
    But SpyBubble has anticipated both those challenges and fixed it for you. You will have absolutely no problem installing the application as it takes only a couple of minutes. Once installed, SpyBubble is completely invisible and cannot be detected – period!
    SpyBubble's Features:
     SMS Tracking

Often sensitive information is too risky for conversation and is sent via SMS...
SpyBubble's amazing SMS tracking technology will actually give you word-for-word SMS logs of every message being sent and received... EVEN if the holder has erased them!
...SpyBubble still keeps a log of every message.

     Call Tracking

SpyBubble's cell phone Spy Tool tracks numbers from every outgoing and incoming call.
You can see:

  • the number the call was made to
  • the number the call was made from
  • what times the calls took place
  • and the duration of the calls

But even more... if a name has been assigned to the phone's memory you'll be able to see who it is... meaning you won't need to call a number to find out who it is!

     Phone Book Access

SpyBubble lets you see EVERY phone number that's registered on the memory of the phone!

     GPS Location Tracking

SpyBubble has a new and amazing feature that lets you track the EXACT position of the phone's whereabouts and then shows you where they are using Google Maps...
  • Is your partner was really going to the gym?
  • Is your child at school?
  • Was your employee really stuck in traffic?
Use SpyBubble to find out!

    Spy From ANY Computer In The World!
    You can see EVERYTHING from any computer in the world! Unlike other similar services (that still don’t offer the unique features we do, and the extremely cheap price we do!) you can view information from ANY computer in the world... all you need is internet access!
    How Does SpyBubble Work?
    SpyBubble uses a state-of-the-art covert tracking application that monitors and records ALL activity on the phone. It then sends all the information to a server where it is stored for you!
    All you do is install our software onto the target phone you want to spy on... installation is easy and only takes a minute! You can then view all recorded information from any computer in the world!
    SpyBubble is UNDETECTABLE!
    Once installed... there is absolutely no way of finding out if SpyBubble is on the target's phone... it is completely invisible and undetectable!
    Will SpyBubble Work With My Phone?
    SpyBubble works with almost every SmartPhone on the market as well as Blackberry models...
    SpyBubble Works With MULTIPLE PHONES!
    One SpyBubble account will let you track as many phones as you want.
    That means, even if you want to track ONE HUNDRED phones... you STILL pay for just ONE account!
      What do our customers think?
  • I decided I couldn't take it anymore 

  • "My husband had stopped showing signs of affections long ago. We had neither communication, nor intimacy. When I heard about SpyBubble, I decided I couldn't take it anymore and bought it. As I suspected, he had a lover. Although it was hard, I wasn't going to let him make a fool of me anymore and I divorced him"
  • --Rosa Taylor

  • I heard that someone in my company was leaking information 

  • "I hate when someone betrays me, especially if it's someone that I've given a job to. That's why the minute I heard that someone in my company was leaking information to my main competitor, I installed SpyBubble on all of my agents' phones. It turned out to be one of my best salesmen. I immediately fired him and every time a company calls to ask for references, I tell them the truth about him."
  • --Pat Wright

  • I started to suspect her 

  • "After being married for a few months, my new wife started to take all sorts of classes: yoga, pilates, literature, you name it. I started to suspect her faithfulness when classes started to have no pattern and happened at very odd hours, like one class at 9 AM one day and at 8 PM the next. I finally decided to get SpyBubble and find the truth behind these classes. It turned out that my wife had a lover. I debated whether to forgive her or get a divorce. In the end, I decided I didn't need someone who clearly doesn't respect me in my life.” "
  • --James Miller

    • Who is SpyBubble For?
      • If you are suspicious about someone and their behavior... SpyBubble is for you!
      • If you are having a hard time trusting someone and would like to know the TRUTH... SpyBubble is for you!
      • If you want to keep track of someone's whereabouts and don't believe they are going where you think they are... SpyBubble is for you! (use the GPS tracking feature!)
      • If you want to keep tabs on your child, know where they are, who they are talking to, and what about... Spy Bubble is for you!
      SpyBubble is for ANYONE who wants the FACTS. If you are uncertain about a significant other and want to find out what is actually going on...
      That's exactly why we created it!
      So How Much Is SpyBubble?
    On Sale For a Limited Time

    Get Started Here (Instant Access)
    A Regular $149.95 Price SALE Only $59.95
    Remember, this offer will only last until Midnight EST, Feb 27, 2011.
    This will let you track an UNLIMITED number of phones!
    When considering other factors... paying the one time fee of just $59.95 isn't really that much!
    Think about it this way...
    If you were to hire a private investigator... it would cost you $40/hour as MINIMUM... so charge as high as $200-$1000 an hour!
    And even then... they wouldn't be able to find out who your target is talking/messaging...
    You simply WOULD NOT get the kind of information SpyBubble can get you!

    SpyBubble has proven itself to thousands of happy customers and we proudly stand behind our product. Safely order today with our Certificate of Guarantee.

      SpyBubble is quickly becoming the most popular Cell Phone Spy Software, we have to tell you that our Risk Free Trial Offer isn't going to last long. If you're really afraid that your partner is having an affair or your child seems quiet and depressed, You should go for it.
      Look, I know you need help at this point in your life and I've decided to help you even further by offering you my 60 DAY MONEY BACK - NO QUESTIONS ASKED GUARANTEE – IF YOU ORDER RIGHT NOW!
      Order SpyBubble, install it and monitor your target right away. If you find that it of absolute no use to you within 60 days, then just send it back to me and I will refund 100% of your money.
      On the other hand, if you find that it has helped you, then I want you to write back and send me an email and tell me how it has helped you – that will make my day!
      Here's What You Should Do RIGHT NOW!
      1. Register with SpyBubble
      2. Pay the one time fee of $59.95
      3. Login to the members area
      4. Install SpyBubble onto the desired phone/s
      5. Start Spying!

      SpyBubble team!
      P.S. If you think the $59.95 fee is too expensive, just think about how much it would cost to hire a personal private investigator! ...Even for a day, they will cost you $200+ ...and even then, they're not going to get the kind of information SpyBubble will give you!
      P.P.S. Remember you are backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee... there is absolutely NO risk on you! Try it for 60 days, and if you don't like... for any reason at all... simply let us know and we will give you a full refund! No questions asked!
      P.P.P.S. You can use SpyBubble on as MANY phones as you want, and it still costs the same price!

    I decided to look up the location of the phone 

    "My only child has always been the reason of my existence. So, when he suddenly became sulky and moody, I got worried. I had heard stories about pill-pushers around the school. However, I was determinate not to let them get my claws on my son. That's why I installed SpyBubble on his phone. The moment one of them contacted him, I denounced him to the police. "
    --Kaitlyn Wilson

      Q. What is Spybubble?
      A.It's a software program that allows you to secretly monitor the activity of any Cell Phone based smart phone, and in consequence, the actions of the person using said phone.
      Q. Why would I want to do that?
      A.It depends on each person, but here are some of the most common uses: Married and single people use it to find out if their spouses or fiances are having an affair. Parents use it to keep an eye on their children or on their old parents. Employers and company owners use it to protect their businesses and to monitor their employees.
      Q.What if I get caught?
      A.Once installed, SpyBubble is undetectable and only the person who installed it knows of its existence. The software doesn't create a new menu, it doesn't show an icon, it doesn't emit any sounds. In conclusion, it doesn't give any sign to the person that uses the phone.
      Q. Is it really undetectable?
      A.Yes, it is and we stand by it with our guarantee. Nevertheless, because of the nature of its use, SpyBubble has thoroughly been tested by our engineers in order to avoid any embarrassing or awkward situation.
      Q.I live in the USA, Will it work on my phone?
      A.SpyBubble works in any part of the world. If you can use a smart phone in your country, you can install SpyBubble on it and monitor it.
      Q.What charge will appear on my credit card statement?
      A.CLKBANK*COM will appear in your credit card statement, which is largest retailer of digital products.
      Q.Is IMEI no. enough to spy on the phone?
      A.No, you will have to install the app on the target phone in order to get it to work.
      Q.Will SpyBubble work even if the target phone does not have active internet connection?
      A.We are sorry but Internet is mandatory in order to get spybubble to work.
      Q.If the target phone is iPhone, is it necessary to Jailbreak the iPhone?
      A.Yes iPhone has to Jailbreak to install SpyBubble.
      Q.What is the best way to contact you?
      A.You can send us an email at support@spybubble.com anytime.